Moringa Guacamole

Moringa is a supplement that can be used in any preferred way! It is a great addition to diets and supports general health & wellness in many ways. Also known as 'Nature's multi-vitamin'. It has effectively shown to provide energy and reduce fatigue.

Moringa is a very nutritious powder and is considered a panacea or miracle cure in Ayurvedic teaching.

Here's a quick recipe by @weinfallsreich


- 7 medium-sized waxy potatoes

- 1 dash of vinegar - ½ tbsp flour

- ½ tbsp cornstarch - 3 tbsp good olive oil

- Salt and pepper

- Sweet and hot paprika powder

- Italian herbs


-> Wash the potatoes (with the skin) and cut into thin strips and pour boiling water over them, add a dash of vinegar. After 1 minute, drain the water and dry the potatoes well

- Stir in the flour and cornstarch -

Mix the oil with the spices and add to the fries

- Place the fries on a baking sheet so that they do not overlap as much as possible

- Bake for 20-25 minutes at 200 degrees top and bottom heat or 180 degrees convection. If top and bottom heat, then clamp a wooden spoon between the oven door for the last 10 minutes so that the moisture can escape and the fries become nice and crispy

For the guacamole:

- 1 ½ avocados

- 1 large clove of garlic

- ½ lemon

- ½ teaspoon salt

- Pepper

- 1 teaspoon organic moringa powder

- 6 cherry tomatoes

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