Dhow Nature foods Organic African Birds Eye Chilli Powder
Organic African Birds Eye Chilli Powder Dhow Nature Foods Packaging
Organic African Birds Eye Chilli Powder Dhow Nature Foods Packaging
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Expiry : 9th April 2023

Organic African Birds Eye Chilli Powder grown in Africa!

We know where this Chilli was grown, in a loving organic permaculture farm.

But it still packs a punch! The Famous Peri Peri Chilli is a great addition to your BBQ Marinades, Sauces and curries.

It is farmed Sustainably and Ethically (That's what the Rainforest Alliance certification means!) and we know exactly where it came from meaning, its 100% pure with nothing added.

When processing, we keep it at ultra low temperatures which gives a much richer color, flavor and nutrient retention.

Not only can does our Bird's Eye Chilli pack a deep flavor, it may also help your health with its Bioactive Capsacin

  • Reducing Inflammation in your body
  • Natural Anti-Oxidants
  • Helps with Weight Loss
  • Kick Starts your immunity
  • Helps with Pain relief

The Organic Birds Eye Chili is close to Best Before but not expiry. It will last for at least 12 months if stored in a cool dry place. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Chris Rigby

Excellent product with attractive packaging and high quality contents.

Linda Bahnan
Hot stuff: I love it!

Excellent value and an excellent product - love that hot ginger and chilli. Will definitely keep buying.

Philip Rogers

This is a great product I can’t get enough it’s an excellent health food

Birds eye chilli powder

Excellent quality and flavour, makes a great Vindaloo and Chilli Con Carne, so good in fact I reordered another 12 packets!

Dawn Bailey

Really liked it

Customer Reviews

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