Superfood Bundle (Moringa, Baobab & Turmeric)
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  • Dhow Nature Foods (UK)

A Super-Superfood Bundle because each one was incomplete without the other 💚

Now 3 amazing superfoods all in ONE bundle. With each one providing it's own set of nutrients, its a pack of pure goodness! 

Moringa - A miracle herb that gives miraculous benefits like blood sugar control, reducing inflammation, boosting iron levels, boosting muscle growth and many many more! Visit our blog to learn more.

Baobab - A tree native to Africa that bares fruit packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Among other nutritional benefits baobab is an incredible supplement for gut health!

Turmeric - The Golden spice! Dhow turmeric has a high curcumin percentage (5%) that is the bio-active compound found in the herb that contributes to its medicinal value. It is a rich, potent spice that is guaranteed to give you the benefits you're looking for, whether it is reducing inflammation or boosting the immune system! 

A bundle you cannot go wrong with! 

Customer Reviews

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Steve Jones
Amazing superfood

Iv been taking your 3 super food bundle (moringa, baobab & turmuric ) for over 3 weeks now. I usually put a scoop of each in a smoothy or just a gram of each in a herbal tea twice a day. It's a good quality product and very good value as well. But best of all i can feel the benefit from taking it.

Michael Langdon
Superfood Bundle

I have bought these items before individually but I took advantage of a great price for all three! I use all three in smoothies together but love the taste of baobab with my morning cereal. Great quality items.

Joanna Short
Quality products

Quality products love them.

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