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  • Dhow Nature Foods (UK)

Our Organic Turmeric is grown on the highlands of Tanzania, East Africa. It is farmed Sustainably and ethically and due to the unique climatic conditions of the highlands, our Turmeric Powder has >5% Circumin Content, more then double of your on the shelf product.

Circumin is the active bio-compound in Turmeric.

We ensure the Turmeric is processed at ultra-low temperatures within 18 hours of harvest ensuring optimal nutrient retention.

We have the full traceability to farm level so you are 100% Guaranteed that there are no additives, bulk fillers or nasties in our product. Just Pure Goodness!

This Ancient Medicinal Spice has numerous potential health benefits incl.

  • May reduce Inflammation in your body and assist with Joint Pain
  • May Improve Immune system due to its anti-oxidant content and reducing free radicals.
  • May improve heart health due to anti-inflammatory properties.

Our Organic Turmeric Powder is very easy to use on a daily basis, try to get at least two teaspoons a day into your diet mixing it into your curries or sauces, making calming soothing turmeric latte or tea or adding it to a smoothie.

The uses of Turmeric are numerous from putting it in your curries, making a golden milkshake, adding it into your smoothies or using it as a face mask.

Customer Reviews

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Nooraya Shipy Begum
Organic Raw High Curcumin Turmeric Powder (100g)

This product is extremely good because it is organic and free from toxins. Throughout my whole life I have used Turmeric but this time decided to purchase organic. I came across Dhow Nature online and decided to buy it. I’m so glad I did. I can definitely taste the difference and quality. The turmeric has a really nice golden colour and the taste and texture seems much pleasant than normal shop brought turmeric power.

Audrone Grima
Very delicious

Get this turmeric powder which is high quality and delicious. Happy with the purchase.

Adila Hussain
Amazing stuff

Very potent

The real deal

Best product out there very happy with it

Excellent service

Fast and great service and great product product

Customer Reviews

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